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What are the plus points of having virtual classrooms? - Edukit

Ever since we have started studying we have thought of a classroom decorated with tables and chairs, one black-board, chalk and duster. All this stuff was always present there in the classroom. It was always physical for us.

We have always imagined a classroom to be filled with students and teachers with a serious lecture going on. Being it a school’s classroom, or a college’s classroom. The difference between them is the level of studies, the age of students and their thinking process. Other than that everything was almost alike because we are talking about a classroom. And that always sound like one.

Transformation in classroom

With the passage of time a transformation that came into that chalk and duster classrooms. That some of the schools and colleges decided to take up the presentation thing and tried explaining their students with the help of a presentation or going online. Back then when internet was a little affordable for students to browse things. But nobody among us ever thought of bringing the online factor for life or as an option of studying for students, or making it that way. We never thought of classes over a computer as an option for long-run. As things were not completely digital or online back then. At that time we were just using online as a luxury or as an aid to some problems.

What are the plus points of having virtual classrooms? - Edukit

Also mark here that presentations back then not always required internet. For explaining things through a projector and a video or giving a presentation they were mostly recorded or downloaded. Internet was focused by the teachers when giving projects or assignments.

But, it happened! That online factor came to life soon with the passage of time, with the digitization of things. And it became full-fledged in India especially when our Prime Minster brought DIGITAL INDIA CAMPAIGN. He introduced this campaign in July, 2015. Where he focused on everyone to enter the online world and be part of this campaign. Since then most of us understood the importance of things doing digitally or things present online.

What are the plus points of having virtual classrooms? - Edukit

After that we never looked back and it is because of this campaign. That now not only some but almost every one of us wants to enter the online world. We shifted easily form offline to online just in a span of five years.

And the time has come to join hands and be virtually present. The advantages of having virtual classes are innumerable but let’s just dive in together and discuss some of them here.

Helps shy students-
Of course, there are students who find it awkward on putting up their doubts to their teachers. And makes them hold a lot behind. Most of the times while a discussion over a topic in the classroom. These shy students even after knowing the answer to the questions, they just hold themselves back and do not answer. So, digital classroom is a boon to them.

Requires less infrastructure cost-
Yes! The truth is this. When the students can learn from the comfort of their home then of course the infrastructure needs will be less. Teaching will be online having a good infrastructure of the school will become a choice then.

Recorded classes will be a option-
Those students who somehow will find it difficult in accessing the live class they can have the recorded class anytime whenever they are free. It will completely be their choice then.

Can easily access classes-
Any student can easily access the class from anywhere they want to. They will not be having any restrictions then like when to join the class? They will not be forced then. And studies are enjoyed well when not forced.

Device friendly-
Of course! The classes are device friendly even now. No any student is having and kind of compulsion of taking classes on any particular device like only laptop or only personal computer. They can easily take classes from there smart phones. They just will have to have their school’s application. And access will be there.

Students can set-their own time-table-
This is good point. Students can set their own time-table understanding their need of learning a subject. And how much time do they need to give one subject and if less required then they can adjust their time according to their need.

They can easily solve their doubts on immediate basis-
There are students who carry their doubts to their homes in their minds while taking classes’ offline. And they think they will search it online after reaching home. But not all the students actually do that after reaching home. Either they forget doing a search on that topic-list else they just fold it back again keep it for future to execute their search, but never do that. On the other hand when learning online they can easily switch to new tab and continue their search, simultaneously.

There are so many points to discuss keeping the plus points of virtual classes as centre of the discussion. But in here we can go with the written points for now. Virtual classes are a boon to the world today especially if we talk about after the entry of COVID-19. We should learn going online. This is the future.

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