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How an ordinary institute with no funding can become next Byju - Edukit

Education industry is now seeing a boom. Although it is an important field to focus upon all the time but for now it is focused by every Edtech company because of COVID-19. Technology in education is the new demand and need as education is now being complemented and completed by technology.

Many among us in the field of education understood and realized the importance of technology before the pandemic. And this realization became a boon to them. We can clearly see the growth of Byju’s. They have marked the highest among all their competitors with their hard work and not to forget smart work.

Byju’s raises about USD 200 million

We all now are going through a global pandemic. It has unfortunately questioned the existence of many things, processes and companies, we are all trying to cope with it in the best possible ways we can. It has worsened things we all know. We are still facing it and nobody knows how long it will last!

The factual thing is, it has made things worse on one side but on the other side it has come as an opportunity for many. We can directly talk about Byju’s. The company has raised a lot. It has used the opportunity at its best.

Byju’s has seen a hike of about 20 million new students during this lockdown for free. The company has implemented its whole lot during the time of pandemic. They focused on their quality.

How you can become next Byju?

Edukit is here to help you! We know dreaming something and then achieving that is little tough also for those who have all types of resources available to them. So this is easily understandable that those who are lacking some of the resources are supposed to face many hurdles in their way of reaching their desired destination.

This is understandable that not all of us have the same capacity in the terms of technology and resources like Byju or any other e-learning giant. They too have started from somewhere at some point. Start-ups with such a great success rate do not stop because of funding problems. We all know there are so many funding ways for start-ups. Government has launched plans through which any start-up could get enough funds other than government other ways are also there to get enough funding.

Next is something that is related with software, don’t worry! Edukit has got you covered. We have solution to fulfill all your technological needs. What you need to do is record some awesome classes, create relevant tests, rest is up to us. We are going to develop a responsive and dynamic website to display your awesome courses integrated with the payment gateway to make sale and purchase of courses easy and simple.

How an ordinary institute with no funding can become next Byju - Edukit

We will also develop an interactive mobile app for your students to access your awesome content. Right from managing the institute to providing the learning part you can manage everything here at Edukit.

How an ordinary institute with no funding can become next Byju - Edukit

You will also be assigned a very experienced Social Media Consultant for all your growth related needs in digital segment.

How an ordinary institute with no funding can become next Byju - Edukit

Difference in Edtech companies and Educational institutions

The thing or string that ties both them up is education with no doubt. Both of them deliver education and try to give their best in their works. In that case their students do not have to suffer.

But the difference that runs down the line is technology. Smart schools can match it up easily but this is also the fact that until the pandemic was not there we Indians never felt the need of technology in education. Also if some of us understood then those “some” are very less in numbers. And these numbers are not enough to cover the whole nation.

Market should not be Monopolistic

This education industry is so vast, we cannot just hand it over so easily to one company. Not just Byju’s, but Vedantu, Extramarks and many more are in this field for long run. They are also slowly emerging as tight competitors in the market.

Edtech companies have knowledge to share, educational institutions also have knowledge to share. But they depart differently and that is on working terms these days because of pandemic.

Anyone in the market could join the league with us, we are Edukit! We can easily help you stand in the competition with affordable solutions from us. Reach us out here, (

At last all we can say

We need to understand the situation, whether we are educational institutions or we are already an edtech company. We need to run fast, delaying could be harmful as the competition is cut-throat, we can see it already. We are supposed to understand our market at which place do we stand? We need to assess our position in the market and then we can figure out what further we are supposed to do.

Edtech is a booming industry; just a little push in the digital world by us could directly take us to heights. We are here to help as Edukit. Give it a thought; nobody knows who is going to become our next Byju?

Still have some doubts, let us call you and resolve all your queries!!

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