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Coronavirus impact on education - Edukit

Pandemic has hit! We all know its impact on all the sectors or fields has created a drastic and hilarious change to the whole world. Not even a single industry is left out from its ill impact. No matter whichever industry is prevailing on earth from any part whether we call for IT industry, education industry, health industry, financial industry, tech industry or telecom industry. All of them have seen a major change.

It has brought the highs to the lows, lows to even more lows. The sudden entry of pandemic has shut down many-a-things. Those who have started have collapsed; those who are working already also have gone down the hill in their field of work.

Coronavirus impact on education - Edukit

Similarly, if we take one industry to talk about, i.e. education among all, here also we can see massive changes that have taken things for all the learners way too much down the hill. In the same field those who are the most affected are the school going students. This is because we human being do believe in taking things forward that are already prevailing. We do not prefer to change very much until and unless it is forced to us.

What changes school going students have gone through?

School going students were familiar to the terms online studying or e-learning but they were never aware of the fact that they are going to live this change in near future. And so this sudden change has made them go through so many pains in their process of studying.

The major and only change that they have seen is only the way of studying. But that has created a hilarious change on the students. Of course! It is positive, but the thing that affected the most is, it is a big change and it is imposed all of a sudden on them. Change happens in both positive and negative ways but they take time, they are not supposed to be imposed or happen with a new and unexpected wave.

Coronavirus impact on education - Edukit

As in this case it all happened instantaneously, COVID has not given time to anybody to accept the change, and it has just imposed. And it has created problem with the students.

  • Students have switched from books to laptops/computers, or smart phones.
  • Students have started sharing screens instead of sharing lunches.
  • Students have started attending online meeting rather than attending physical classes.

What changes have schools made?

Schools have entered prevailing online competition. The major change that schools have gone through for the betterment of their students is entering the online world. So they can reach their students easily. And make studies easy in these tough days of pandemic for their students.

Coronavirus impact on education - Edukit

But still there are schools and coaching who have not yet reached the online portal due to lack of all the knowledge that is required to go online and start working. Just the way students need time to learn reaching and accessing things online, similarly schools and institutes also need time to accept the change.

Worry is not a solution to all the problems, we are here to help you with all your issues coming in your way of going online; EDUKIT. Whether it’s establishing your presence online through a website or making it easy for your student to have direct access to you through your school’s personal application. We can do that all for you. Your school’s website and application is covered by us. You will be having a need of LMS and ERP solutions to run your system perfectly online.

Why you should go online?

There are so many reasons to run for but the main point is your NAME. As of now you must be using online meeting apps like, Zoom, Google and at times What’sApp group calls as well. But that does not count you in the game. People will reach other apps other than yours. They will be recalling the names of those apps but not yours. You will be not visible to your students, which is obviously not good for any institute or school. Having your own app is definitely going to get you recalled all the times by your students even when you are not physically present to them.

At the end whichever bad things has happened, has happened this is the time to get them the right way. Whichever support you are seeking for tech issues we are here to help you. Just give a single click to it @Edukit and we are here to help all the time.

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