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Changes in the dynamics of education industry post COVID-19 - Edukit

We all have been in this unfortunate situation for a long time now. These words like, COVID-19, pandemic, quarantine, lockdown, are so much familiar to us now, we are now in this global problem since almost past 9 months and more, even the year is also on its verge to end soon.

So these new words are not new to us anymore. We are not only familiar but most of us have gone through this painful disease already. We have already suffered a lot, and so has our children’s studies. Just the way we cannot take risk with our or any of our family member’s health similarly we cannot risk the education factor or even a single year of our children.

Changes in the dynamics of education industry post COVID-19 - Edukit

We are not sure about how long will this pandemic is going to stay? Or, how long is this vaccine thing going to take?

We must adapt it!

The only option available to us for this problem is we must adapt this pandemic in our life like, we cannot predict about its life length, will it ever leave this mankind in peace? Or, will it stay for even longer times?

Now we people have become a little used to this pandemic thing, we have already started counting it in, so now it’s time to head forward with it. Also with keeping in mind its severity and the pain it has caused or it could cause in future. With being cautious towards the pandemic, we must understand the harm pandemic has already done. And we should move ahead in all aspects of our lives.

Many of us have moved forward

Yes! Many among us have moved forward with the realization of the seriousness of COVID-19. They have changed their way of purchasing, they have stopped moving to markets for small or even big purchasing, they have moved ahead with the new learning patterns for their children, they have realized, prepared their children and made them ready for their online classes.

Understanding the shift in the education industry, the thing that is going to work in future smart and practical parents have accepted the new present and future.

Changes in the dynamics of education industry post COVID-19 - Edukit

Things that have changed in education industry post pandemic

Education industry have seen the major change during the pandemic, we cannot neglect this fact. As we can see online classes, e-learning all have came into context now. All these things were there even before COVID-19. But the focus was never on online classes, we people started addressing e-learning or online learning when we are left with zero option. Or, we can directly say pandemic made us do this.

Online classes
We people were familiar to the term but, it has now come into use for many, this is going to be a major change post pandemic. Many were doing online classes before the COVID-19 situations also but during COVID-19 a word that has changed for online classes is it has subscriptions, new additions in bulk now.

Blended classes will start running
Yes! For sure, schools, coaching, educational institutions will definitely be thinking about this thing because some students do need personal supervision for understanding some topics. For those students and for new and tough topics schools will figure out some way to meet out those issues.

Social distancing will be mandatory
No doubt, the most learned thing that pandemic has taught us is social distancing, if being in school premises this is going to be mandatory.

Schools will allow mobiles and laptops
May be in near future because of current situations schools and educational institutions will become so familiar with the technology that they will allow their students to carry mobiles or laptops for further studies, to make things even more clear to their students.

Most of them will be smart
It is surely a chance that post pandemic most of the schools or educational institutions will switch towards being smart for long run. During pandemic most of the educational institutions and schools have already taken their step towards being smart. So chances could be that post pandemic they choose to work on the same game.

Bringing the conclusion that

By understanding the importance of education, while keeping the pandemic situation in mind. Many of us have dropped our accustomed and traditional ways of learning or knowledge gaining. We have finally accepted the truth. And those who have not changed will definitely be shifting in near future because pandemic has given very less options. All we can do is staying at home, and education being important cannot be ignored at any point. It’s already been late; adapting is the only way of surviving with the pandemic.

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