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What changes does existing education system need in order to evolve during COVID crisis? - Edukit

We see, we observe, we compare and we evolve gradually! This is human nature. Everything takes time and so the education system because pandemic has asked for multiple changes at a time. And making that change at this fast pace is a little tough thing to do.

None of us was aware of COVID-19 and so we were not ready to make changes or cope up with the change. So, when the crisis hit we suddenly start reacting to it without a proper preparation and things went down the hill because of it.

We usually say that we should plan first and then execute, but in here in this pandemic situation we were not actually aware of the upcoming drastic change. If we talk about education then it is not a field where we should impose changes suddenly or should take any decision on a sudden basis. Here, we need time and that was lacking due to pandemic.

What changes does existing education system need in order to evolve during COVID crisis? - Edukit
What changes does existing education system need in order to evolve during COVID crisis? - Edukit

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For your all issues we are here to help Edukit: All-in-one Software Kit for an Academy | ERP + LMS + Website + Growth tools (

Your one-stop solution to every problem you are getting in your way of departing knowledge to the youth of our country. We understand what all of us are going through and how much studies are becoming difficult to reach in this time of crisis. So we will help you in all the places where you need support and a little tech backing. We can help you with integrated LMS and ERP, Growth tools.

You just need to tell us, what support you are seeking from us and we will be helping you as much as we can. Starting from LMS the Learning Management System we can provide you live classes; video on demand online courses are available from our side so that no any class from any student should be missed, supplementary content is there like quizzes and assignments in order to make assessment of students; online tests are there in subjective and objective forms, to check proper delivery of knowledge departed; daily study capsules are available (like news/current affairs).

And then we have, ERP starting from website, you can have your own app as well. Just a single place to reach on your phone and you can manage all your problems on the app only. Attendance can be easily managed on your app, the big admission thing is all sorted from the app only, fee is no more an issue, no any delay will be caused like earlier due to COVID-19, it will be so easy from the app, HR and payroll will be handled from one app of yours, attendance should be managed easily, class scheduling is all easy in here from your app only.

Growth tools are essential and we know that so we have covered that too, like the dashboard/homepage that you have in your website/app should be powerful enough so that no any visitor gets confused or mis-directed. You need proper sales catalogue and sales pages for your courses we will be providing that to you easily; the integrated Google analytics and tools are there; we will help you maximize your reach of your courses to your target students.

What changes does existing education system need in order to evolve during COVID crisis? - Edukit

Existing system of education needs gradual change

This system needs change as it is already undergoing one but that is not suited to the condition in which we are. We need to assess the situation first and then impose our solutions that are now planned according to our needs. We accept that change does not come that easily, it takes time, but now it is the need of the hour, because in a rush we are forced to follow the things that are not appropriate, we need things in an appropriate and perfect manner. We need a proper decorum for our online system of education. Evolution is good when done in a positive manner. We are just a click away! @Edukit

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