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Is your e-learning platform interactive and student friendly? - Edukit

With the increase in technological applications that are used for passing knowledge and communication, the world is progressing rapidly. By giving opportunities to connect students with the outside world technology has helped them to enhance their ability to cater to wider knowledge. E-learning has helped students to access personalized educational content which they can learn at their own pace.

E-learning has provided students with various advantages by being flexible, consistent, and the most important is it is cost-effective for students and parents. Several e-learning platforms all over the world help students to get enrolled in courses of their choice by the comfort of their homes. It is estimated that 70% of the entire world's population is enrolled in e-learning. With the growing popularity and need for online learning platforms, these platforms are interactive and student-friendly.

Is your e-learning platform interactive and student friendly? - Edukit

Statistics have shown that India has around 1.5 million schools with 260 million admissions. This number makes the Indian education system one of the largest and most complex in the entire world. Amid the outbreak of a virus where schools are still closed, e-learning platforms have provided students with study material and online classes to keep their education going on in this pandemic. The only solution to this currently prevailing problem is online classes.

Our education system, as of now needs someone who could be a mediator between the schools and students in order to make the process of studying easier and very much accessible. This is because they are children, they are learning they do not know everything already, at times spoon-feeding is necessary, and especially if we are talking about education we cannot take risk. Edukit is providing those solutions to solve those in between issues of schools and parents.


  • Good content, organized design and easy accessibility are really important for an E-Learning platform to be successful.
  • For students to engage more on an e-Learning platform the platform needs to provide students with the material and the applications that interest them and makes the education easier and fun.
  • To keep the learning process interactive is the foremost responsibility of online learning platforms.
  • To make the learning content interactive you should keep your modules short and relevant.
  • At the end of a module, you can always ask for feedback or give an interesting task to your students which will engage them more and which will bring meaning to online classes even more clearly.

Studies have shown that approx 80% of the student population uses technological aid to revise the teaching of their teachers. (here we can add the data to prove our research correct) There are various ways by which online platforms can become more interactive and student-friendly and one such way is to incorporate a module of Edukit.

  • Edukit helps teachers and students to gradually move from the traditional learning system to the online learning system with its well organized and interactive module system.
  • We believe in providing quality education to learners by using various features of e-learning and personalizing them as per our client's requirements.
  • Edukit helps teachers to build an online classroom where they can build video lessons and take tests and interact with their students in a cost-effective manner.
  • Edukit builds a platform that is student-friendly it is supported by a well-organized learning management system and enterprise resource planning.

The most effective way to make your e-learning platform interactive and student-friendly is to take video lessons and feedback classes on a regular basis. Modules by Edukit have well organized LMS that helps you to create a friendly interaction based environment for students.


  • Through LMS we provide students with live classes via Google Meet, Zoom, or YouTube.
  • We understand how important it is to make online learning platforms feasible and accessible for every student in every part of the country therefore we provide a special feature of classes on-demand in our modules.
  • Students who access study material through Edukit get supplement content and daily information on current affairs, general knowledge and they can also take quizzes and tests as per their convenience and requirement.

Schools/institutions can easily control registrations, students, courses, online content, tutors, groups, access, notifications, communication/messages, and reports easily with a well-organized learning management system. With Edukit you can browse more than 10000 courses on just one platform. E-learning has become popular only because it has allowed people to access information and learning systems anywhere and anytime. Through e-learning students can access face to face classes from anywhere and anytime. Institutions can have an interesting and interactive educational experience with the help of Edukit. That provides various cost-effective plans for schools to incorporate into the learning system.

Is your e-learning platform interactive and student friendly? - Edukit

For schools and institutions it is important to strategize educational model from the view point that is easier for the students to access. Improvisation is the base for e-learning to stand in this tough situation. And obviously interaction is the key for both the students and the institutions to make any sort of learning worthy. First collecting feedbacks and then their processing is very important to keep the e-learning platform up-to-date and efficient. This E-learning has emerged as a boon to the education system soon they will be taking over the entire education system in future. Therefore, a change is required which could be supported by us, at Edukit.

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