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Parents want schools reopen as online classes not working out - Edukit

Education is a necessity. It is a required industry; its existence can never be questioned. But the change in the scenario is that currently COVID- 19 is not supporting the traditional ways of studying. And we humans love to follow what we are already doing; we do not accept change easily.

Right now the situations are altered, whether we want or not we will have to change our habit of traditional studying or studying in physical environments. We will have to admit change in a positive manner. Going out and gathering knowledge were gone days' concepts.

Parents want schools reopen as online classes not working out - Edukit

Why is online education not working?

Nothing has changed, education was online before the pandemic also and now as well and definitely it is the future too. But, the issues that are hampering are the same that used to prevail earlier and now also, they are plenty if we take an overview for it like, the medium is not perfect, ways are not correct, platform of reaching the students are not appropriate. If we try to give it a single word name then we can call it, process.

Things are getting digital and so is education.

COVID-19 has forced us to stay at home and do things by our place only, and so we are gradually getting each and every thing online, be it shopping, selling or education obviously. All these things were already online, currently the only difference that has come up is people are noticing it now, or people are being forced to notice it because of the pandemic.

Parents want schools reopen as online classes not working out - Edukit

Earlier also education was available online but due to many of the lacking points people were not accessing it, now they are doing it. But the thing that is not going correct in all this is the process. Pandemic has made everything move in a hurry and so in other terms, reaching the destination was not pre-decided or pre-planned just because of this, problems are occurring.

We need an update!

If we talk about e-learning, then before this pandemic alternative was available so online studies were not so much deliberate, they were not so much focused. We are taking forward the same process of online education. We need an update! The same old version will not go hand-in-hand in these pandemic situations as well. Even mobile software needs an update in order to match the current scenario time-to-time. This is education; we need to update the process! We need someone who could manage all these ‘process’ related issues like, one defined portal for the schools and students to interact, one proper website of the institution, every student’s online record, proper reach of parents to the teacher and the Principal if required.

Process of rendering education needs to be changed.

The thing that is creating an issue in the new era is the process of delivering the education; it needs to be catered by some professionals. They know their work.

Asking for the same old education rendering system is not practical these days. No any parent would want his/her child to be affected by the pandemic. And quality education is also the need. Both the things health and education cannot be kept on risk. The only solution to the problem is e-learning sorted by those who know it, like us Edukit.

We at Edukit are here to solve all the process related issues. We provide an app, to help all the students, educational institutions. We help schools and parents in keeping track of the child. Parents can know their kid’s attendance, can reach their teachers and clear their query directly. Schools can easily keep track of each and every student.

Why to choose Edukit?

Online and offline both types of education are supported by us.

  • Not only the online education but we are here to support when the educational institutions are running offline as well.
  • Parents can easily take account of their child’s well being by just being on the app, they can easily keep an eye over their child by using the apps provided by us. (
  • Children can be tracked by their parents easily by the tracking device. Parents can track their children’s bus and can make their child ready on time.
  • Teachers can upload the homework and important updates online on the app, so that it can reach parents easily.

All the things are changing with its unexpected speed. Nobody has expected whatever is going on currently, but the solution to this rapid change is we too should change ourselves accordingly as per the need. Only then we will be able to cope up with the problems, be it education or any other thing. For education we are here to help Edukit, let’s begin this!

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