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What is Edukit? How can we be a helping hand to your institute? - Edukit

We are an E-learning Startup! We are basically focusing on digitizing the journey of Indian education from now on. We are trying to reach each and every school, college, coaching and trying to help them in understanding the importance of getting digital for today and tomorrow. And making them ready for the digital era of future which is not far, or we can even say that we have started living in that era.

We work on LMS and ERP

We believe in things to be available at one single stop through the mobile application that we are providing. The mobile application is designed in such a way that it works both on LMS and ERP.

Wherein, LMS is Learning Management System and ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. They both particularly focus on helping the smooth management of the school/college/coaching.

LMS is student based it helps in reaching, creating and maintaining the thread between the teacher and the student or the guardian and the management. ERP helps in maintaining the smooth working between teachers and the management.

What is Edukit? How can we be a helping hand to your institute? - Edukit

Growth Tools-

These tools help in doing the complete marketing of your institute. Through different ways like Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and all the digital ways that are possible.

What is Edukit? How can we be a helping hand to your institute? - Edukit

How can we be a working hand to you in your transformation journey?

It does not matter whether you have transformed or not to the digital world with your educational business. We are going to help you no matter your business lies in whichever phase, whether transformed or not! You just will have to wave a hand to us. And we will be landing with our teams to help you out in all the manners that we can. You will have to put your needs to us regarding the software thing and the solution will be served to you in the least expected time.

We can easily provide your institute a website, which will obviously enhance the reach of your institute to as much audience as possible. Also it will give your audience an idea of your institute in brief on the website. Through your website they can easily reach you from different ends of the country. Presence on web is the best part that can happen to any business because it has so many ways to grab the customer with open hands and hold them together with their satisfaction.

Next is, we can provide you a mobile application through which you can easily reach your students. Through which your fee issues will also be resolved. Just a payment gateway reach from the guardian and your fee will be submitted without any sort of hurdle.

And then comes the marketing thing, the most important one! We will be helping you in maximizing your reach to your target market. Through Digital Marketing, it is the umbrella term that covers marketing online and Social Media Marketing. These two terms are the responsible to handle and beautify the reach of your institute’s advertisement to maximum.

Services on Demand- Integrated LMS and ERP

We believe that every institution is unique in itself. And the requirement of institute is also unique. Our BD expert analyses your institute and will suggest you the best possible solution from our side. The institute owner will have to go through the proposal made by our team and then send us to confirmation to go ahead. After that the client details is shared with the dedicated account manager. The role of account manager is to assess your requirements and built the platform accordingly. The account manager will be the assigned authority who will help you end to end in making the platform live as well as how to grow your business.

We focus on the integrated version of LMS and ERP to be placed in the application for you to help in the best way possible. But this is completely your decision whether to choose the integrated type of LMS and ERP or you want to take up either of the two. We are open to help you in both the ways you need help.

We are always there for you! You just have to reach us, @Edukit . Reach us and share your issue or need with us we will be sorting your issue with a solution and your need will be easily resolved by assessing from our teams. We are aiming at digitization of all the working bodies in education field. So that they can be ready for the future because ONLINE is the need of tomorrow.

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