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Why parents are saying NO for fee payment? - Edukit

Yes we all know that the pandemic ruined everything and it is about to stay around us like other big diseases, for say, HIV AIDS, Cancer, etc. So now it is the time to accept the fact that we are suppose to live with the pandemic. And we should learn how to move forward with it.

Pandemic has given us many new solutions to our ages old questions like, the online learning thing. Before the pandemic all of us were aware of learning online or E-learning but, it was applied by very little people. And since the pandemic came-in we are now ready to have classes online.

We are now ready to learn online because the pandemic left us no options than learning online. And that only option of learning online made us realize the importance of the online world. It made us realize that there is a parallel world running online.

Why don’t parents believe ?

Even after all this hard work online, making videos, reaching online and everything. What is still lacking? What is the problem that is holding parents back in order to pay fees in this regular online education system ?

The reason is just the name. Yes, the name only. Why so? Come let’s talk about the same. Do you know name, or we can even say brand matters a lot? Our name helps us sell our products. Yes it does ! If our name is a brand then it will help us sell our products and if not then we will have to focus on making our name a proper brand that could help us sell our products by just the mentioning of our product.

Now we are having a vast customer reach and a different medium through which we are reaching our target market. And so we are supposed to have different strategy in reaching our target market, unlike the earlier one. It is not advisable for schools to use the platforms like Zoom or whatsapp for teaching purposes. Schools are creating classrooms over Zoom and sharing those links and other study materials through whatsapp. Managing personal messages over classroom texts is itself a very chaotic task for parents as well as kids. Whatsapp is a personal chat platform and should not be used for educational purposes. This gives enough reasons to a parent to refrain from paying the fee. And so we are saying that name matters. As here we are selling somebody else’s name. And it is going to publicize their name not ours. This ultimately is going to harm the name of what we are trying to sell.

This is a new place we are having old customers. But for sure we are supposed to have new customers here because our customer base is going to reach far more than earlier. And so we need to focus over what is required here not what was required offline.

Parents are not ready to pay the fees because they still are not able to see the name of the schools. Even after doing so much, even after giving so many efforts to their children online. Parents are still getting notifications over What’s App. They are not getting notifications in the name of the school, instead they are seeing the name of the application which is made for some other works like personal chats, notifications, calls and video calls.

So this is obvious and so true on the part of parents. That, if they are not able to see the efforts of school then why are they supposed to pay the fees? It is the time when parents are lacking a proper payment already in these tough times of pandemic. Those who are paying are having the right to ask for what they are getting in return. And in what quality are they getting for what they are paying for.

What are we doing? Versus What should we do?

We are preferring What’s App for making groups, notifying students, sharing pdfs over the same application, sharing notes, or sharing pictures of notes.

Why parents are saying NO for fee payment? - Edukit

We should have our own application, which will do all the stuff for us like, the notification thing. It will automatically notify the student about the class that is about to happen in some time. You can share all the notes in here, with your students over the application, you can have your name shared all over your students smart phones through the application that you are providing. This application will be a one place solution, for almost all your issues that you are seeking online.

Why parents are saying NO for fee payment? - Edukit

You know who can help you over here ?

WE! @Edukit. Haven’t heard about us? Don’t know what we do?

We are a SAAS based company, we can help you have a platform where you can showcase your offline institute online very easily. How?

Why parents are saying NO for fee payment? - Edukit

We will be helping you in having your own APPLICATION and WEBSITE. All you have to do is reach us. We will always be there with you in understanding your problem first. And the providing you a solution that best suits your problem. We are just a click away !

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