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5 Myths of E-Learning Platform - Edukit

An E-Learning platform is something that has given education a completely different point of view, it has made education for the students even more convenient. But are we utilizing this platform completely? Actually not because students by now are used to traditional offline learning, they prefer a physical classroom with a teacher and don’t want to try E-learning platforms because few myths have stuck into the minds of the people. In this blog, I am going to discuss the 5 myths of the E-learning platform and the reality behind it.

1. Online Learning is all about Technology

This is a complete myth that Online Learning is all about technology, how can it be all about technology? It’s about people, it’s about students and faculties. It’s about reaching people wherever they are. Technology is just a resource that is being used to educate the students.

2. Online Learning is fully Online

People think that Online Learning is fully online, but actually, it’s not because you are in a physical world and not into the internet. In fact, many institutes give assignments through E-learning to go and communicate to people and make observations, all these are linked with your learning, so it’s not just that you sit in front of your computer.

3. Students don’t learn as much online as they learn face to face

This is a very common thought in people that students might not learn as much through E-learning as they can learn through offline education. But this is not true, many studies have proved that it doesn't really matter what it is the mode of education, what matters is the study material, the information, way of teaching, etc. Learners can learn as effectively as offline classes, even many studies suggest that students learn better through online education.

4. Placing every E-learning into one single category

People often think that all the E-learning platforms are same but this is not true there are different types of E-learning, in some of the E-learning platforms you can only see what the teacher is teaching, in some, you can have a deep discussion with your fellow mates so every platform is different in its own way.

5. Online Learning is impersonal

Being in a classroom and looking into your teacher’s eyes is a personal thing but there are many other ways to build personal connections with your teacher or your classmates. Suppose you write a letter to your teacher or classmate that is also a personal thing, it doesn't matter how far you are that surely brings a personal connection.

These are 5 myths about Online Learning and there are more of these but we need to understand that E-learning is a powerful resource that shall be utilized. This is going to bring a phenomenal change in the field of education.

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