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We all know that pandemic has made us bound to prefer doing things online. It is probably the toughest times of human lives. Even things were online before pandemic also like, shopping, studying, selling, re-selling, and so many more other things in the row.

But right after the pandemic made its entry, we all got to know the importance of doing things online. Pandemic brought so many bad days to all of us. We have encountered every other day with enhanced pain. We found that there is a proper world out there online. Also it is delivering exactly what we need in exactly the way we used to do offline. Just the thing that is different in here is physical presence of human being. Now, we humans do not need to be present physically in order to get our work done.


We can easily do things online without facing any hurdle in the process. Because now things are way too much dynamic online that hurdles are not a problem, they can easily be solved by the tech geeks.

What changes do schools need to perform?

Not only because of pandemic things are required to be done online but, because it is the need of today and tomorrow. And now the time has come. It is just that pandemic has made us realize the fact of our need for present and future.

COVID-19 has immensely damaged almost everything, especially the sentiments of human beings and they are destroyed emotionally, but it has brought some positive changes to the world also and introduced something in the name of online that we never have expected can be a crucial and regular part of our lives someday.

Schools should trust going online is effective.

Obvious point! We all know that we humans have a common tendency of fear from change. And we stick to the same thing or process without considering the change coming our way. We believe in sticking around. We do not welcome change, and fear is obvious. It is in human nature, we cannot deny it.

And this is the same thing we need to work upon; this is completely understandable that change cannot be enforced immediately. But, if the change is good for us then at least we should think about considering it. We need to learn to accept change coming in our lives whether personally or professionally. Schools should trust going online, because the competition is way too much hard. Almost all the competitors have reached the place offered by the online platform.

They too took time in converting to online form offline or taking both the mediums together. But now they have converted! If still you are waiting for things to go back to normal like earlier then this is the problem of today and tomorrow for you. We must accept the change now. That things are not that tough or unmatched with the things we have offline.

Don’t worry we have got a solution for you. All you have to do is reach us, @Edukit.

Why? Come let’s talk over.

We are an E-learning platform. We are trying to be a medium for schools/colleges/coaching to convert from offline processes to online processes easily. Because we know that online is the need of tomorrow for sure. And we do not want you to sit back and wait for things to go back to normal like earlier, because no one knows when they will switch back to things like earlier.

We are providing you your school’s own website, mobile application and marketing support.

Your school’s website got you covered for,

  • School’s presence to be marked online.
  • School’s name to be visible online.
  • School’s own place to describe its victories or achievements.
  • School’s details; from smallest to the biggest.
  • A proper address for people to reach easily from far away. With just the facility of proper internet connection in their device.

Your school’s mobile application got you covered for,

  • Everything! From A to Z, starting from, LMS + ERP + Digital Marketing = Edukit’s mobile application!
  • Attendance issue is resolved by your school’s mobile application.
  • Creating groups and sending reminders again and again to the students is again an issue. And that is also resolved by your school’s mobile application.
  • Fee is a mess! But not with the mobile application you are going to avail for your school from Edukit, pain resolved.
  • Classes can easily be recorded in here. Not a boundation for each and every child to be present for live classes.
  • Student’s record and performance is supported by the application.
  • Feedback and solving queries over application is easy through doubt forum.

We need to understand what the time is demanding right now, otherwise getting late can be a problem for us and for our school as well. We can see around almost everybody is reaching online. Others are learning how to make things work smoothly online, then why cannot us? Step ahead! You have got our back, @Edukit.

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