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How the world's techniques of Learning are changing due to COVID-19 - Edukit

By now we all know the situation of the world due to Coronavirus outbreak or COVID -19. The only alternative to get our lives back into the track is to learn to live with the virus. There are various reports and various speculations of when this virus will end but till then every work is getting done using new and unique techniques, either it is shopping, a movie premiere, work, or education.

A key aspect of dealing with Covid-19 is to ensure that services are being delivered to every possible extent. Maybe for the professionals across industries, it has been a quite easy transition because many of them used to work on their laptops and smart devices even in the office which they might simply plugin at their homes now. But what is actually missing is face to face, personal communication which will get restored as when things are back to normal.

How the world's techniques of Learning are changing due to COVID-19 - Edukit

Wondering about the students, they are making far bigger adjustments as learning has always been in classrooms which they can’t go to now. This is what’s actually changing during this pandemic. The lockdown has accelerated the adoption of digital technology. Business houses work, online education, data management methods every new technique that is being used right now have used digital technology. This has proved to be an ideal time to experiment and deploy new tools to make education delivery meaningful to students who can’t go to campuses. It’s a chance to be more efficient and productive while developing new and improved professional skills/knowledge through online learning and assessment.

It is also a fact that the use of technology in education is resulting in different concepts in the system and the best example is the move from teacher-centric education to student-centric education. We have been talking about virtual classrooms for a long time and a platform like Edukit allows us to make the engagement between the teacher and students as close to a real like classroom-type experience, as possible. In the coming time, these tools can also make the teachers and parent meetings as well as staff/management meetings more time and cost-saving while providing the necessary interactivity.

How the world's techniques of Learning are changing due to COVID-19 - Edukit

eLearning Market size is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. So, it's very evident that not only during this crisis but eLearning will stretch its arms in the market after this crisis period too.

Conclusion - The education has changed its way to reach the students and once this pandemic is over eLearning is still going to keep its hold on the market because according to a survey students prefer a mix of classroom and eLearning. Many educators, educational institutes, teachers have already switched to eLearning for those who haven't it would be great to make out the best of this current situation and to choose the correct platform to start Online Learning

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