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How to Move from Passive to Active Learning Using the Internet and Online Learning? - Edukit
What is Passive Learning?

Passive Learning is a process of learning in which students receive information from the teacher but don't receive any feedback from the teacher. Passive learning promotes describing, defining, listening, and writing skills. It is more teacher-centric rather than how teaching needs to be student-centric so that they can learn better.

Disadvantages of Passive Learning
  • Passive learning can be a little boring and unrelatable for the students.
  • It may provide fewer opportunities to assess a student's understanding.
  • Students are less involved and can be shy in the passive learning process.
How to Move from Passive to Active Learning Using the Internet and Online Learning? - Edukit
What is Active Learning?

Active learning is an approach of learning that involves actively engaging students in the course material through group discussions, problem-solving, case studies, and other methods. In active learning, teachers have more responsibility as compared to passive learning. The active learning process is much more interesting than passive learning; it makes students much more active and responsive. This method strengthens conceptual understanding and activates divergent thinking of the students that helps students to think from micro to macro level.

Advantages of Active Learning
  • Students can develop key skills in the active learning process like analysis, evaluation, public speaking, and collaboration.
  • Increases critical thinking
  • In the process of learning feedback is a key factor and in active learning frequent feedback is provided.
  • Active learning is student-centric and hence it gives students a larger role in their learning environment.
  • It stimulates discussions and hence strengthens student’s attention.
  • In active learning, a teacher gets an ongoing analysis of their student’s understanding because of the constant feedback and participation
How to move from Passive Learning to Active Learning?
How to Move from Passive to Active Learning Using the Internet and Online Learning? - Edukit

By now you know the difference between active and passive learning and it’s quite evident why one should move to active learning, the major reason is nowadays students need attractive classes. Regular teacher lectures are boring for them. They need participation, feedback, discussions, interesting assignments, etc and all these are a part of Active Learning.

Also, students now are technology and digitally evolved; they keep themselves quite occupied with their phones and laptops. So the best way to move from passive learning to active learning is through using the internet and technology. Now how to do this?
You must be aware of elearning or Online Learning as the name suggests it means elearning means Electronic Learning which means education through your phone, laptops, or computer using the internet.

To move to active learning using the internet a teacher or an educator requires a great platform who can create their Online Learning platform and for that Edukit is the best they can choose because Edukit will provide LMS, ERP and growth tools which means the teacher can teach their students online with live discussion forum so the students can easily discuss their problems with the fellow mates as well as teacher and the teacher can easily provide feedback. Teachers can create quizzes, assignments and a doubt forum can also be created with the help of Edukit.

So, the best way to move to active learning from passive learning can possibly be through Online Learning by using the internet.

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