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What do we do for you ? - Edukit

What do we do for you ? - Edukit

Who we are ?

We are an online platform where we are trying to help all of them who somehow want to take their schools online. And are in search of ways through which they can take their school online. We are that medium through which we will be helping you to take your school online. We will be providing you all that’s required as a necessity in keeping a leg online.

We will be helping you in building a trust point for going online and believing things over there. This is because many among us are still questioning online things. We will first make you feel secured as to the step which you are supposed to take is completely safe with us. Your journey is secured with us.

What does the further process say ?

We will be explaining to you what you and your school requires ultimately while going online. We will be providing your school a WEBSITE. Wait; first, let’s talk about the need for the website for your school.

What do we do for you ? - Edukit

Your school is present in one place. And you are doing the offline marketing and trying to reach the maximum number of your audience offline will that be sufficient? Will you be able to serve the number of students you once had expected? Nope! You will need of a website. Why?

Because it will help you reach as many as can with good marketing support. Trust us, no other thing is going to help you the way a website will be doing.

Talking about the second step, the APPLICATION!

What do we do for you ? - Edukit

A mobile application is having all that you need to run a school online means LMS+ERP based application. This is even to help you solve the fee payment thing. All the things are online these days; parents will be able to pay the fee online without any single day delay and late fee to be implied.

The next thing is Growth tools, ultimately the most important one; Edukit will be helping you with all the stuff. But, you must be thinking why any such thing? What is the requirement? Why do we need it?

Let’s assume that XYZ is your school’s name and it is situated near some town in Uttar Pradesh. And you have such great teachers at your school and the number of students that you are having in your is not even around the figure you thought once that your school will be serving. What are you supposed to do now? Offline marketing? Okay, fine! How much of your purpose does offline marketing will serve? Maximum two to three lanes near to your school area in the town for say.

Question - Will that figure be satisfying?

Answer - A big ‘NO’

Question - again the question must be coming then, HOW?

Answer - obviously through ONLINE marketing!

Question - again the question comes WHY online marketing?

Answer - Let’s explain!
As per our assumption we were trying to serve the students near our school first. But that too was not happening properly. We were searching ways to take the name of our school beyond the two three lane boundaries. But that was asking for more and more money. And that was a bit tough thing to handle.

Then you got to know about online handling and marketing of your school. You immediately came up with the thought that Digital India campaign has made all of us equipped with internet in our phones. Doing online marketing is kind of easy and affordable. But then you thought who is going to help us?

Answer - @Edukit is the answer.

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